Water Services

With over 60 years’ experience, TOBIN has a national profile in the field of water services in Ireland.

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Water Services

With over 60 years’ experience, TOBIN has a national profile in the field of water services in Ireland. As well as delivering many of Ireland’s largest water and wastewater treatment facilities, TOBIN have been responsible for auditing and reporting at a strategic National level.

Water Services

We have delivered water services infrastructure at every scale in both urban and remote rural and island environments.  We have designed over 500Ml/d of water treatment capacity, including almost 40% of Dublins’ water demand, and outside of Dublin, we have designed more of the wastewater treatment plants greater than 50,000 P.E. in capacity than any other consultant. Through the experience of finding solutions to meet the various water and wastewater quality parameter variations we have developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the water services sector.

We operate at all parts of the hydrological cycle, from source protection and abstraction, water treatment, network conveyance, asset management and water conservation, rainwater harvesting,  to greywater recycling, SUDS, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, sludge management and sludge reuse.

Working alongside a large number of Local Authorities, our team of engineers and scientists have developed the engineering knowledge to create a single point of contact for all our Clients in the field of water and wastewater infrastructure management, planning and design.

TOBIN’s Water Services division covers a broad range of areas including: Sewer Network Design and Modelling, Sewer Network Asset Management Planning, In-Sewer Network Rehabilitation, Water Network Modelling, Water Supply Metering, Water Conservation, Pumping Station and Rising Main, Sewer Network Odour Mitigation, Asset Management & Auditing of Water Treatment Plant Facilities, Water Treatment Process Design, Water Treatment, River Engineering, Water Supply Network Design, Water Storage and Reservoirs, Waste Water Discharge Licence, SCADA & Telemetry, Directional Drilling & Trenchless Technologies, Drinking Water Incident Management, Water Abstraction Consultancy, Flood Modelling / Hydraulic Modelling, Wastewater Treatment Process Design, Water Quality / Assimilative Capacity, Flood Risk Assessment, Odour & Noise Mitigation, Culvert Design, Watermain Asset Management, Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas Utilisation for CHP, Wastewater Treatment and HAZOP.



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