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Sustainability the key to improved commuter options on Bishop O’Donnell Road

Seamus-quirke-roadIn recent years, Galway city has become as synonymous with traffic congestion as it has with its many tourist attractions and scenic backdrops. This is testament to a growing city which has seen a substantial population increase in the past twenty years in particular. The increase in numbers has naturally seen a noticeable increase in traffic particularly at peak times.

One particularly problematic location identified by Galway City Council was the Bishop O’Donnell Road / Seamus Quirke Road. Galway City Council have long been strong proponents for strategic moves aimed at supporting measures to improve traffic flow and to encourage alternatives to the use of private cars. The key fabric to all of these measures to date has been to find a balance where all users of the road can benefit from positive change.

To tackle the Bishop O’Donnell Road congestion successfully, Galway City Council engaged the services of our team here at TOBIN. Headed by our Infrastructure and Roads Operations Manager, Tom Cannon, the team set about completing a detailed design for the scheme, this had to incorporate bus lanes, segregated pedestrian and cyclist facilities as well as signal junctions, pedestrian crossings and associated public lighting, all of which were necessary in providing real and viable alternatives to private car use. There was also a unique aspect to the project in the sense that it was one of the first projects in the country to be designed in accordance with the new National Cycle Manual – a big plus for Galway as the bicycle is a popular form of transport in the city.

From the outset, Tom and his team were keen to future-proof their design. Using the depth and breadth of their expertise in the design of similar projects to date, all technical elements of the project were designed to allow ‘ease of access’ for any future developments in the area. This is part of the broader TOBIN approach which is adopted in all of our projects across the different sectors.

Experience in this field was without doubt central to the project’s success. The principal objective for both Galway City Council and TOBIN Consulting Engineers was to improve the user experience on the Bishop O’Donnell Road – for all users regardless of transport mode. By encouraging an increased level of engagement with the public transport options, by facilitating cyclists and pedestrians and by implementing improved traffic signal options huge benefits are now being felt by commuters on this busy Galway City route.

It is this type of innovative approach that TOBIN Consulting Engineers consistently bring to the table that can dramatically improve the quality of the ‘day-to-day’ life for many people.

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