Réileán & Tuarín is a new property development from O’Malley Construction in Galway. The development is a mixed residential development of detached, semi-detached, terraced properties and apartments, consisting of a total of 195 units. 

The civil works were designed to achieve a balance of cut and fill within the site, thus reducing the need to import or export sub-formation material. The foul drainage was designed to discharge by pumping station to the nearby Irish water gravity sewer network, while the storm water was attenuated on site and discharged to ground water through soakaways as there was no public storm water network servicing the site. The watermains were connected to the nearby Irish Water watermain network.

The development was designed to comply with the current Building Regulations and the site development works for housing areas.  The unit installation included heat recovery, P.V. panels, energy efficient gas boilers and embodied energy materials.  A high level of insulation was used in the construction, thus achieving an “A” BER rating.  The site works including storm water attenuation and permeable paving, all reduced the carbon footprint of the site development works.

The design took into consideration energy efficient design, life cycle costs and the specifying of green material throughout the design, reducing waste, re-using where possible; ultimately reducing the waste sent to landfill.

The design included the provision of bicycle parking, links to local bus routes and pedestrian links to local amenities; thus reducing the need for residents to use private transport.

Services provided by TOBIN Consulting Engineers on this project:

 Civil Engineering               Structural Engineering              PSDP             Planning Assistance Consultancy Services

Roads & Transportation Engineering

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