A Water Order secured under the 1942 Water Supplies Act gives the right to abstract up to 54,145m3 of water per day from Lough Mask. The current phased development involves provision of a supply connection to Westport Town from the Lough Mask Regional Water Supply Scheme at a location near to the treatment plant at Tourmakeady.

TOBIN prepared a Preliminary Report for Mayo County Council in 1985, which identified Lough Mask as the future source for water supply for Central, South and East Mayo inclusive of Westport. Following the initial supply of treated water to Castlebar, the Scheme has developed in a number of stages in the intervening years.

The supply of potable water from the end of the treatment process at the Tourmakeady Water Treatment Plant to Westport is entirely gravitational over a distance in excess of 22km. Alternative options for supply of water to Westport from the LMRWSS would involve pressure boosting.

The pipeline route was selected off road where possible which avoids the generation of waste from road surface which ultimately go to landfill.

A GSM-GPRS Communications Network facilitates communications between the Tourmakeady Water Treatment Plant and the Carrowbaun Reservoir in Westport allowing monitoring and control without the need to travel between locations.

The pipeline is designed as a full welded high pressure main suitable for the variable ground conditions encountered along the route, which is designed to minimise maintenance and repair. In an off-road location, the pipeline is backfilled above the pipe surround with on-site materials as opposed to imported materials if located on roads. In the construction of the reinforced concrete reservoir the use of Ground Granulated Blastfurnace Slag (GGBS) is permitted in the production of the concrete.

The source of water for the Scheme is Lough Mask which has been assessed to determined sustainable yields.


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