Faced with an unprecedented and indeed technical dilemma of sorts at Shannon Airport, Lufthansa Technik Shannon Ltd. approached TOBIN Consulting Engineers to find a way of accommodating a Boeing 787-8 at their maintenance base. The problem we faced here was predominantly with the sheer size of this particular Boeing in relation to the size of the existing hangar at the airport. To put it into context, this particular aircraft (which has a starting price of about $239 million) measures some 60m in length, has a wing-span of about 60m and has a tail height in the region of 17m.

The issue for Lufthansa was that their existing hangar in Shannon would simply not be big enough to accommodate this scale of an aircraft. Our solution to the problem here at TOBIN centred on the adaptation and reconfiguration of the existing hangar by adding a temporary and movable structure for housing the 787-8. A permanent fixture was not an option here due to the operations of the existing and adjacent hangars. The movable solution also needed to be quick to move, safe and weather-tight when connected.

Time Lapse of the Hangar’s Construction –

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