TOBIN Consulting Engineers’  Civil I Design Build I Water (CDBW) Division has significant experience in the water sector where our expertise spans the following areas:

  • Modelling/assessment of existing water supply networks
  • Design of water network improvements (rehabilitation, storage, pumping)
  • Leakage detection (which can sometimes be pinpointed during calibration process)
  • Simulation of chemical decay in distribution network (e.g. residual chlorine)


Featured Project

Leixlip Water Treatment Plant

TOBIN Consulting Engineers was appointed as Client’s Representative for the Stage 5 expansion of the Leixlip Water Treatment Plant.

The expansion, with a capital cost of approximately €30 million, included the construction of a state of the art “stand-alone” facility, on a site adjacent to the existing treatment infrastructure with a capacity of 80Ml/d plant which, when combined with the existing facilities (175Mld), brought the total potential peak capacity of the entire plant to 225Ml/d.

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