TOBIN Consulting Engineers has a distinctly pragmatic approach to Social Responsibility in Ireland. Quite notably, this approach has not been developed by an exclusive management group in the business, nor has it derived from the workings of a select group of senior staff members, or indeed been implemented by any Corporate Social Responsibility specialists. Instead, it has been organically developed, and continues to be driven by all employees across the TOBIN business. Being based in Dublin and in the west of Ireland, we simply commit ourselves as a group, as distinct to a business, to helping local organisations in these regions to improve the lives of local people. We know our limitations, we are not going to change the world, but we do know that we can certainly improve it for some people – as many people as we can really -across the areas where we are based. The organisations that we choose to work with are specifically selected by the people based in each of our respective offices. We then work on simple initiatives to make real and tangible improvements to the operations of these local organisations. These initiatives form an integral and indeed important part of our typical working days at TOBIN.

Having been established in Ireland in 1952, we are very proud of what we have achieved to date in our local communities and we look forward to playing our part in completing more good work going forward.

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